The New Paper: NUS Communications and New Media’s Groundbreaking Module on Fake News Featured

NUS’ Department of Communications and New Media’s groundbreaking module- NM2303 Fake News, Lies and Spin: How to Sift Fact From Fiction– is featured in the New Paper.

To fight fake news, tertiary institutions have introduced lessons to help students differentiate fact from fiction. Three polytechnics and three universities told The New Paper they recently introduced courses to tackle the growing problem, which has worsened globally. This move is timely as the Government steps up its own battle against fake news…

Source: The New Paper

Team from NUS Communications and New Media Emerges as Champions for Pitch It 2017

The winners of Pitch It 2017 with the panel of judges from CNM, Visa Inc and BBDO Singapore.

By Deanne Galica

A team consisting of NUS Communications and New Media (CNM) students have emerged as the champion for Pitch It! 2017 after the grand finals held on November 10. Pitch It! 2017 is a tertiary-wide marketing competition organised by the CNM Society. This year, Pitch It! was organised in collaboration with Visa Inc and BBDO. The participating teams put together an integrated marketing campaign to address a challenge posed by Visa Inc.

After an elimination round, Visa Inc chose the top five teams who were then mentored by BBDO to refine their pitches. The challenge posed by VISA was – What can VISA do to shift brand perception from a credit card company to an innovative digital payment company amongst the Millennials?

In their campaign, the teams had to feature a wearable that showcases Visa Inc’s innovative digital payment capabilities.

The Winning Pitch

The winning pitch was a campaign titled #IAMVISA which aims to show how Visa can be a part of every millennial’s lifestyle. Their campaign was inspired by Calvin Klein’s 2016 Fall #mycalvins campaign. #IAMVISA features a playful take on VISA with each letter taking on a personality type –

V for Versatile
I for Intellectual
S for Simplistic
A for Adventurous

Phase One is a social media campaign featuring the different personality types to introduce #IAMVISA and act as a pretext for the next phase of the campaign.

Phase Two is a festival inspired by Art Box where attendees can pay using a temporary tattoo embedded with a VISA chip that flaunts VISA Inc’s digital payment innovation. The festival will be held across two weekends with each day featuring one personality type. Each personality type will be tied to a charity organisations and 10% of proceeds from the festival will be donated to these organisations.

Phase Three incorporates the different personality type into VISA cards with each card featuring a personality type.

The panel of judges consisting of personnel from CNM, VISA Inc and BBDO, unanimously chose the winning pitch. The judges were impressed with the cohesiveness of the winning team’s multi-pronged approach, backed by insightful research.

The Champions

The winning team consists of Cory Cheang Yi Jun, Pang Hui Ping, Taylor Chia Shi-Yen, Isabelle Anastasia Tan Yinn Lyn and Alvarez Brielle Clavel. All of whom are in their second year.

“The greatest difficulty we faced was juggling between school work and the competition,” said Cheang.

The winners walked away with an iPad Mini 4 each.

The Organisers

Behind the success of Pitch It! 2017 is the CNM Society. Led by Jasmine Chong and Deanne Galicia, Pitch It! was the biggest project for the society. The organisers faced setbacks initially with difficulty in securing partnerships with organisations. The partnership with Visa Inc was eventually secured with the help of an alumni.

“The competition was a year in the making. It was a huge undertaking! We reached out to many organisations and faced a lot of rejection. The real work hit us when we finally secured a partner client. From doing school visits to other tertiary institutions to managing communications with all parties involved. We spent countless hours planning everything to the last detail. In the end, it was all worth it because we truly believe Pitch It! is an incredible learning experience. Even [the planning committee] learnt a lot!” said Chong.

Pitch It! 2018 is under way and the planning has already begun. For the next edition, the CNM Society is looking to tap into the Institute of Public Relations Singapore and CNM’s Industry Advisory Council to find a partner client.

More about Pitch It! 2017

Pitch It! 2017 is the third edition of the competition. Past clients include Singapore Press Holdings and Mediacorp. This year, students from National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University, Singapore University of Social Sciences, Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, Nanyang Polytechnic and General Assembly participated in the competition. There were 23 teams and a total of 107 participants.

Catch more of Pitch It! 2017 at the official gallery.

Want To Work With CNM?

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Lu Weiquan Empowers Teaching Through Augmented Reality Tool

Assistant Professor Lu Weiquan describing CNM’s modules to a potential student at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences’ Open House

Although games popularised the use of Augmented Reality (AR) in our daily lives, its real power lies in its potential to transform education. Which is why Assistant Professor Lu Weiquan’s innovative tool ConjAR- a mobile AR scene-authoring tool for designing AR scenes within an AR environment- received so much attention at the recent National Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL).

A Straits Times article extols ConjAR as a mobile application that:

…runs as a mobile application, and allows users to design and showcase 3D augmented reality scenes without prior training. For example, if a professor wants to explain the brain to his class, he can download a 3D image of a brain from the Internet, and create a model that can be turned and shifted while he is conducting his lesson.

Source: The Straits Times

Another demonstration of how NUS’ Department of Communications and New Media’s teaching and research continues to break new ground in bridging the diverse threads of emerging fields and future work.

Opinion: Harassment, Silences and Indian Academia- by Mohan J Dutta

Professor Mohan J Dutta writes a powerful piece about sexual harassment and the criminal silence that frequently follows:

The story of Chuni Kotal of Gohaldohi village haunts me.

Each time I remember the story, I, an upper caste, upper class, heterosexual male who has built my career from fieldwork in these haunted spaces of Paschim Midnapur, writing stories of hunger and suffering, feel the pain and the shame, and the sense of my own caste complicity crawls up my skin.

I was 19 when Kotal committed suicide in my hometown, Kharagpur, a few miles from where I was studying at the elite Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

As the first woman from her long-stigmatised community to attend college, Kotal struggled through the everyday racisms that are built into progressive performing Bengali bhadralok society.

Kotal, a young Adivasi and the first woman graduate among her tribe of the Lodha Shavars, committed suicide on August 16, 1992 at the age of 27.

The cause of Kotal’s death: the ongoing caste-based harassment and discrimination she faced in various academic institutions, and more proximately, in her telling, at the hands of her professor, Falguni Chakarvarti, at Vidyasagar University. At the time of her death, Kotal was pursuing her MA in anthropology.

Harassment, Silences and Indian Academia

CNM Alumni- Louis Puah- Helping To Accelerate STEM Learning In SIM International Academy

The Department of Communications and New Media has always engendered a strong sense of community and social consciousness in her students. Coupled with a focus on theory-driven practice, CNM students are well-placed to be at the frontier of new, transformative and emerging fields.

Louis Puah is a CNM Alumni who’s making just such a difference:

At the newly set up SIM International Academy in Clementi Road, visitors may be surprised to see user experience designer Louis Puah, 27, and coder Turner Lam, 38, working hand in hand with students on their projects. The two “Stemaritans”, as Mr Puah and Mr Lam are called, are among a team of industry experts hired by the international school to bring science and mathematics education to life for its students, aged 13 to 16.


Source: The Straits Times

CNM Research In The News: Silver lining in the battle against fake news

The NUS Communications and New Media’s Assistant Professor Elmie Nekmat and the Institute of Policy Studies Dr Carol Soon publish the results of findings from a survey, which:

…found that Singaporeans rank social media as their most important source of news, followed by the newspaper, television and radio. About 91 per cent of respondents spend up to an hour daily reading news on social media.

Read more of their illuminating study at the Straits Times.

NUS CNM Students Join Daniel Tay In Dumpster Diving

Assistant Professor Andrew Quitmeyer with colleagues from the Interactive Media Design area studies in NUS Communications and New Media department. From Left: Assistant Professors Jude Yew, Andrew Quitmeyer, and Alex Mitchell

When Assistant Professor Andrew Quitmeyer, from NUS Communications and New Media, heard about dumpster diver Daniel Tay’s dumpster diving habits, he leapt at the chance to get his students to experience first-hand the problem of waste.

Mr Tay’s efforts soon came to the attention of National University of Singapore assistant professor Andrew Quitmeyer, who used to dumpster-dive for fruits and vegetables back home in the United States.

Source: ChannelNewsAsia

NUS’ UNITE Magazine Covers Kalina Silverman’s Talk On Big Talk

Nur Amira joined Kalina Silverman in her Big Talk seminar and was blown away by the idea of steering conversations beyond mere pleasantries:

Picture this: You’re walking to the lift. You look up and make eye contact with one of your schoolmates—the two of you aren’ close, you don’t really talk, but you worked on that one project together a couple of semesters back. She’s waiting for the lift too, it seems. You smile at each other, albeit awkwardly. Glancing at the electronic bar sitting at the top of the lift doors, you realise that the damned lift is still stuck at the floor below.

Crap. You clear your throat and plaster a bright smile on your face.

“How’s school?” the both of you blurt out at the same time.


Source: UNITE Magazine

Watch this space for upcoming executive education courses delivered by Kalina Silverman!

Opinion Editorial: Stand up against attacks on India’s pluralism

The most recent murder of one of India’s prominent journalists, Ms Gauri Lankesh – shot at close range in the chest and head by motorbike-riding gunmen in front of her home in Bangalore on Tuesday – is symptomatic of a larger climate of politically-motivated attacks on journalists asking difficult questions and critical of the far-right Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP’s) Hindutva agenda of targeting minorities that risk turning India into a republic of hate.


Source: The Straits Times


Professor Mohan Dutta- Keynotes and Summer Workshops

Professor Mohan J. Dutta, Provost’s Chair Professor, Director, CARE and Head, Communications and New Media, is going to deliver the opening keynote titled Resisting the Neoliberal Gaze of Disciplining the Inter- at the Annual Conference on Interdisciplinarity- COIN 2017, National Institute of Technology, Meghalaya, on 21st and 22nd July, 2017.

Following this, Professor Dutta is going to present his paper Digital media and resistance: Co-creating alternatives that invert neoliberal imaginaries at the “Indian Media Studies: Contemporary Perspectives” workshop organized by the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla.

Finally, on July 27 and 28, Professor Dutta is going to present his paper Indigeneity as a site of resisting neoliberal hegemony at the “Publics on Edge” Conference in the School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne.

Earlier in the summer, Professor Dutta taught at the summer school titled Seeing the Self through the Lens of the Other organised by the Institute of African Studies at the University of Leipzig, and delivered a keynote address at the HKAECT International Symposium at the University of Hong Kong.