Research Talk – Digital Naturalism: Creating a design framework to support digital field biology

Digital Naturalism ( investigates the role that digital media can play for biological field work. It looks to uphold the naturalistic values of wilderness exploration, while investigating the new abilities offered by digital technology. Collaborations are growing between biologists, designers, engineers, and artists. This work provides a framework to facilitate all these participants in building and analyzing their own devices for exploring and sharing nature. This talk aims to quickly share many of the ideas that have developed over the past several years of this research. The target is that both scientists and digital designers may benefit from the theory and its resulting design guidelines presented with illustrated examples. Hopefully more will be inspired to push digital media out of the lab and into the wild.

About the Speaker

Andy-Quitmeyer-Headshot-SMALLDr. Andy Quitmeyer is a polymath adventurer studying intersections between wild animals and digital devices. His PhD research in “Digital Naturalism” from Georgia Tech blends biological fieldwork and DIY digital crafting. This work has taken him through the wilds of Panama and Madagascar where he’s run workshops with diverse groups of scientists, artists, designers, and engineers.  Recently, he has been running series of “Hiking Hacks” around the world where participants build technology entirely in the wild for interacting with nature.

He’s also adapted some of the research to exploring human sexuality with his Open Source Sex Technology startup Comingle. He is the winner of several design awards and his trans-disciplinary, multimedia projects have been featured in Wired, PBS, NPR, The Discovery Channel, Cartoon Network, Make Magazine, The Economist, Fast Company, Gizmodo, along with other print and digital internet news and educational sources.

Time & Date: 3 p.m, Wed 10 Feb 2016

Venue: AS6-03-33, CNM Meeting Room


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