RESEARCH TALK – A Replication of Channel Complementarity Theory among Internet Users in India

This article examined channel complementarity in health information seeking among Internet users in India. It posited that online users complementarily use different channels to search for health information, and hypothesized that age is an important moderator among different channels. Data regarding the consumption of 11 different channels was collected from nearly 1000 Internet users. The results demonstrated complementary use of different channels as health information sources in relationship to the Internet as a health information source, except for newspapers and family members. Moreover, not supporting our hypothesis regarding the sources of health information among online users, the Internet was surprisingly not the primary source of health information. We found that age is an important moderator of complementary relationships among various channels as health information sources, demonstrating that younger users were more likely to use greater numbers of channels complementarily as compared to older users. Contributions to channel complementarity and implications of research are discussed on the basis of the findings.

About the Speaker:

Julian LinJulian Lin is an assistant professor in the Department of Communications and New Media, National University of Singapore. His papers appear in Health Communication, International Journal of Human Computer Studies, Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, Computers in Human Behavior, IEEE Transactions on Professional Communications, ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction, Leadership & Organization Development Journal, , among others. He has served as reviewers for journals and conferences such as MIS Quarterly and Information Systems Research. He also has served as an Associate Editor of HCI in ICIS 2011, and the program committee in Annual Workshop on HCI in MIS since 2008.


Date: 11 Nov  2015

Time: 3.00 PM

Venue: AS6, #03-33, CNM Meeting Room

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