Exercising the Dialogical Self: Portrait as Dialogue

Wednesday, March 25, 2015, 3:00 PM

CNM Meeting room, AS6, #03-33

Portrait as Dialogue is a practice–based research, which aims to develop a critical approach to representation that is based on primary fieldwork. It addresses the question of how we can identify with the descriptions/depictions of ourselves ‘that are created from other’ cultural perspectives. The major focus of this research is to understand how specific forms of representation reveal differently authored perceptions of the individual. The overarching aim is to map contemporary practices of identity construction and expression through the study of specific non- Western and sub- cultural modes of ‘portraying’ that start from different social and cultural codes and modes of production. In this talk, Angelika Böck portrays West-African Sculptors, Australian Aboriginal hunters, Sami Singers, Mongolian Herders, Malaysian Sign readers and Yemeni and Kelabit people, while they, in turn, “portray” her. This ‘dialogical’ strategy frames her as the subject to be studied, negotiated and represented through interpretations by individuals that are trained in or accustomed to different culturally defined practices. The resulting art installations present her collaborators and their portrayal of her – expressed by a given name, a composed melody or a smell evaluated – as well as the photo or video portraits that she makes of them. The artist as is both initiator of the projects and at the same time object of the portrayals, while the project contributors themselves are not only subjective portrayers, but also the objects portrayed. The resulting art works define distinct cultural practices of selection, interpretation and definition as new possible forms of “portrayal”.

Angelika Böck graduated in interior design and sculpture at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, Germany. In the past twenty years, her art practice has developed into a questioning of human perception and representation through dialogical intervention. Her experimental research in “Dialogical Portraits” has been carried out in different parts of the world, such as the Republic of Ivory Coast, Australia, Yemen, Malaysia and Mongolia. Angelika lives in Munich (Germany) and Bario (Sarawak/Malaysia). You can receive more information on her and her work from www.angelika-boeck.de

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