The Player and the Game

Wednesday, March 11th, 3:00 PM

CNM Meeting room, AS6, #03-33

In recent decades we observe a closer relation between games and activism, between games and war, and between games and the city. In other words, we witness the gamification of certain regions of the world. What is the power of the game over life?  Often the game imposes a kind of subjectification. The game’s rules demand reflexive acts from the player. The player engages with the game’s pre-programmed interactions, losing minutes and hours to the fascination of overcoming the challenge. Yet, players also remake their own games, thereby seizing back some of that which was lost to the game’s digital regime. Players modify and evolve game structures and genres, taking the authorial reins of game-making into their own hands.  Artists conduct chaotic aesthetic hacks of the game’s programmatic engine, reducing military-themed shooters and car races to abstract surges of colour and noise.  Gamemakers with critical agendas simulate the world’s problems in miniature toy worlds. Activist players carry out campaigns of ludic social resistance on the digital streets and public arenas of online game cities. Children of the future play mobile glasses games of mixed reality within the urban habitat of the Japanimation city. As more of the global population acquires ludoliteracy via casual and mobile games, how does player power manifest on the global stage, who makes games, who consumes games, and who is addicted to and consumed by games, emerge as questions to be tackled. In this talk, Dr. Schleiner will further complicate the aforementioned questions and discuss the power of the game over life.

Dr. Anne-Marie Schleiner is engaged in gaming and net culture in a variety of roles as a cultural critic, curator, anti-war activist, and gaming artist/designer. She has taught at universities and artist workshops and participated in art residencies in Germany, Belgium, Spain and Mexico. She has exhibited in international galleries, museums and festivals. Her most recent exhibition was at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art in Arizona. Documentation of her performative culture work is available on the Video Data Bank. She holds a doctorate in Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam. She is currently working on two book projects, and teaches game design in the Communication and New Media Department at the National University of Singapore.

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