Canvassing the City: Street Art, Protest, and Counter-Politics in Kathmandu

Wednesday, 9 April 2014, 3:30 pm
CNM Meeting Room, AS6, #03-33

This presentation explores the multiple and varied transformative activities taking place on Kathmandu’s streets during Nepal’s post-civil war period. Streets of Kathmandu are spaces of protest marches and demonstrations, spaces where political groups forcefully shut down traffic and all forms of educational and economic activity, spaces of state reaction to private encroachment with public expansion, and spaces of political graffiti and wall art. These activities turn the streets into sites of political communication, protest, and art. The research examines how Nepalis characterize and communicate about their street space on its physical walls, in the media, and in cyberspace, and reveals how the transformative activities taking place on the city’s streets are transforming how its residents conceptualize and engage in protest activities.

Rachel Devi Amtzis is a Research Assistant for the Cities Research Cluster, the Environment Research Cluster, and the Singapore Research Nexus at the Research Division of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, NUS. Rachel researched on the use of ICT by Nepal-based NGOs for fund and awareness raising for her Masters at the Department of Communications and New Media. Her recent papers focus on social media use and crowdsourcing in Nepal, specifically in neighbourhood revitalization campaigns, environmentalist movements, anti-citywide shutdown activism, and street art.

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