CNM at NUS Open Day

By Samuel Cho, Corrine Goh and Chia Pui San, Year 2, CNM Society

It was a busy yet energizing Saturday for CNM Society and their professors as they fielded a flood of questions from prospective freshmen at the NUS Open Day 2014 on 15 March.The hottest question of the day was “Could you tell me more about the courses at Communications & New Media?”.  The visitors were pleased with what they heard. They thought the CNM interdisciplinary offerings offered a variety of modules which were both theoretically and practice-oriented.

One  parent commented that the wide range of modules meant that students would have the invidious challenge of having to decide within a span of three to four years, which mods to take, given that they were equally attractive.

Finally, the visitors also expressed appreciation of the chance to directly interact with CNM seniors and faculty and have their questions addressed and answered in detail.

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