Designing Narratives of Place: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Visualizing Cultural History

26 March 2014, Wednesday, 3:30pm

CNM Meeting Room, AS6, #03-33

In an increasingly screen-based society, technologies mediate the ways in which we experience, consume, and share experiences of the everyday. Scholars and designers have a responsibility to develop creative and thoughtful ways to intervene and engage difference, identity, and community in our mediated spaces. This responsibility is heightened in increasingly dense urban environments that are rapidly shifting, and where we are likely to lose sight of the human element of urbanization. Yet, we realize that it is the people who inhabit and move through cities that shape its cultural history and comprise the often ephemeral and under-represented narratives of city spaces. How can interdisciplinary design practice create the opportunity for developing innovative ways to define and envision our sense of place? This talk will showcase a selection of media-rich interactive projects that address these issues, showing how conceptual approaches to design thinking can contribute to exciting possibilities in communicating design, humanities, and social science research to wider public audiences.

KristyKangKristy Kang is an award winning media artist and scholar whose work explores narratives of identity formation and cultural memory. She received her Ph.D. in Media Arts and Practice at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts and is currently Visiting Assistant Professor at the School of Art, Design and Media at NTU. Her research interests include histories and theories of digital media arts, database cinema, animation, spatial and mobile narrative, and transnational media and ethnic studies between the U.S. and Asia. She is a founding member of The Labyrinth Project—a research initiative on interactive narrative and digital scholarship at the University of Southern California that has produced a range of interactive cultural histories using new media. These works have been published and presented both internationally and nationally at conferences and museums including the Getty Research Institute, The ZKM Center for Art and Media, the Society for Cinema and Media Studies and received numerous awards including the Jury Award for New Forms at the 2004 Sundance Online Film Festival.  For further information, visit

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