Where Summer Never Ends

By Liu Yiping, Year 3, Journalism Major, on exchange from Peking University, China

It has been four months since I came to Singapore in August. I can still remember my excitement when I set foot in this city where summer never ends. This blog entry is something to commemorate my time here.

At some point in our lives, we need to adopt different perspectives in order to see how we have developed as persons. Back in Peking University, one of the most prestigious universities in China, I am a journalism major. And in my first two years there, I can say that I got to learn some valuable stuff.

However, it was only when I came to Singapore, to NUS and CNM in particular, that I started seriously reflecting on the kind of education I wanted as a student in communication. It was only when I came to CNM that it dawned on me that I had hardly given much thought to my choice of a major, let alone consult my professors on the most suitable path of learning for me.

My classmates in NUS are all shocked by the fact that in Peking University, we don’t have something like tutorials for my journalism classes. As it turns out, the tutorials in NUS are the classes where I benefitted the most as a student. This sem, I have taken three CNM modules: Principles of Communication Management (NM2219), Intercultural Communication (NM2201) and Advertising Strategies (NM3215). I love each and every one of the tutorials in these mods.

For 2219, Ms Lee always guides us to share more and think deeper — not just about theories, but also how theories come alive in the real world. This is one thing that I am impressed about CNM. We get to learn with tutors who have vast working experience in related fields. This is very important, considering that CNM as an interdisciplinary field of study ties in so closely to the ever-changing media environment. Ms Julyn, my passionate tutor for 2201, is such a lovely lady. She can always put a funny spin on somewhat “dreary” theories. I probably will never forget this one time I had to talk to strangers online to complete her assignment. It had felt so weird at first. But I had also felt really proud to have finished the assignment at last. Last but not least, how could I ever forget the numerous group discussions we have for our 3215 project? That was the first time that I tried my hand at designing a series of posters for an actual campaign, and approached a project as a working advertising professional. Thank you, my lovely teammates, Michelle, Cassandra, and Jia Ying, for the wonderful time we spent together!

It is a little sad for me that this semester is coming to an end. But I know that I will carry what I have learnt back to Peking University, and share them with my friends there. I am inspired by this saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I am hoping that with my visit here, I can stimulate some changes in my own department, and one day, we could have some exchange programmes with CNM. I really look forward to this and wish all my friends and tutors in CNM, happiness, and success in living the change they want to see!

My teammates and me (I am the one at the bottom)

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