CNM Alumnus, Elmie Nekmat finishes his PhD with top honours

CNM alum, Elmie Nekmat (MA, 2010) graduated with a Ph.D. in Communication and Information Sciences from the University of Alabama.  He graduated fabulously – by receiving the 2013 Knox Hagood Doctoral Student Award for outstanding performance, collegiality, and potential to contribute to the field.

He is currently doing a visiting scholarship under NUS’ postdoctoral fellowship and a visiting scholar at the Department of Communication, University of California Santa Barbara.

“Time passed quickly for me during my Ph.D years, when I was swamped with classes and research projects, and needing to balance them all with family obligations. But, the experience was also a “growth spurt” in my life.  It taught me the importance of time management and resilience.  Apart from work and studies, my time doing the Ph.D. was filled with the camaraderie from my peers and professors at the University of Alabama. The intellectual stimulation and cheer from the many conversations with these wonderful people had made this phase of my life all the more meaningful”.

Elmie is interested in the processes and effects of online communication for public opinion formation, collective action and strategic communication.  For his dissertation, he examined the effects of online message sources on people’s willingness to take part in collective activities.  He also researches on media literacies, particularly those dealing with digital communication technologies.

Elmie has presented at national and international conferences, and won recognition for his papers, including those from the International Communication Association, Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, and the Broadcast Education Association.

Elmie had gone to the US on the NUS Overseas Graduate Scholarship.

Media Law Expert Explicates Innovations in British Libel Law

Media Law Expert Explicates Innovations in British Libel Law

On May 29, Professor Mohan J. Dutta, Head of the Department of Communications and New Media, National University of Singapore, and Professor Ang Peng Hwa, Chairman of the Asian Media Information and Communication Centre, Nanyang Technological University, co-hosted a talk by Professor Kyu Ho Youm, the inaugural Jonathan Marshall First Amendment Chair at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication, at the Stephen Riady Centre in NUS’ University Town.

Prof Youm, who is the current President of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC), and expert on media law, delivered an interesting talk on the innovativeness and liberalisation of British libel law as it moves closer to adopting the US idea of free speech.

Prof Youm’s research on freedom of expression has been cited by American and foreign courts, including the Supreme Court of Great Britain, the Supreme Court of Canada, and the High Court of Australia.  In addition, his media law research has been used by U.S. and non-U.S. lawyers in representing their clients in press freedom litigation.  He has also written for the New York Times.

His conscientious tweeting is noted in as “one of the best media and law resources on Twitter” and serves as a valuable resource on research in media law and freedom.

The talk comes amidst the current debate on media freedom as the Media Development Authority issues its latest licensing requirement for online news websites.