Research Talk by Mr. Joshua Wong

Title: Video Games for Inter-Religious Empathy.

Date and Time: Wednesday, 20 March, 3:00 PM

Venue: CNM Meeting Room, AS6, #03-33, 11 Computing Drive, S117416, FASS, NUS

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Religious diversity and religious pluralism is a growing trend in the world today. There is an increasing need for people to develop an understanding and appreciation of the religious faiths of their peers, neighbours and co-workers. Are there ways in which new media technologies – particularly video games – can contribute to inter-religious understanding? Video games, with their ability to offer complex simulations of real-life situations, present a perhaps unique medium for people to experience life in another person’s shoes. In this talk, I outline the ways in which video games can help build inter-religious empathic understanding, and then present a case study of player reactions to a simulation game which placed people into a worldview very different from their own.

About the speaker:

Joshua Wong recently graduated with a Master of Arts Degree in Communications and New Media. He designed his first board game when he was 12, and has since gone on to develop many other games both as a hobbyist and as a professional. He was part of the team that created CarneyVale: Showtime, an award-winning game now available on PC, Xbox360 and mobile. His research interests lie in the intersection of video games and religion, values-based design and affective technologies.


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