And off to Yale I go

Written by Lim Liu Xian

As luck (and hard work) would have it, I have been selected for the Yale Visiting International Student Programme (Y-VISP), a special exchange programme that allows me to spend a year at Yale – take classes, partake in the CCAs and live in one of its twelve residential colleges, just like a normal Yale student.

As a third year CNM student, I have a keen interest in media and its relation to politics and public policies. I am also interested in the  effects of media on societies, and vice versa. With an interest spanning across multiple disciplines such as media studies, political science and sociology, the rewards of a liberal arts education at Yale are simply mind-boggling. At Yale, I am free to choose from hundreds of classes from well over 75 majors – talk about an education buffet! Together with the U.S. Presidential Election happening over the same period, the spoils from this learning experience will be, I am sure, nothing short of fantastic.

Academics aside, I am also looking to learn how CCAs work and understand what campus spirit means at Yale. After all it is with these exchange programmes, not just Y-VISP, that students experience the differences between cultures and come back to NUS -and Singapore- enriched with a new knowledge of the world.

I will miss NUS, but I will be back. I will be back with knowledge to share and stories to tell. So keep a lookout for them!

Editor’s note: Liu Xian has overcome adversity with the sudden passing of her mother in her first year at NUS to be among a handful of international students selected for this prestigious internship, entailing a substantial scholarship from NUS for her year there. She serves as the Vice-President of the CNM Student Society and will certainly bring new perspectives from her Yale experience to the department.