Guest Lecture by A/P Melissa Fitch, University of Arizona

A/P Melissa Fitch, Studies in Latin American Popular Culture, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Arizona, will deliver a guest lecture at CNM this week. The talk will be for 40 minutes followed by a 30-minute Q & A session. Here are the details:

Date & time: 16 March, 4:00 PM

Venue: CNM Conference Room

Topic: Living the Border: Life, Death and the American Dream


This presentation examines the tensions surrounding Mexican illegal immigration to the Southwestern border state of Arizona in the United States. We will consider the period immediately following the passage of anti-immigrant legislation by the state in April, 2010 and view the mass media depictions of Mexican immigrants found in editorial cartoons of major U.S. publications. The online responses to these cartoons will also be addressed. We will explore the semiotic coding of race, gender and social class found in these depictions and, following a Performance Studies model, we will evaluate how each cultural narrative “interacts with those who view it, thus evoking different reactions and meanings; and how it changes meaning over time and in different contexts”(Schechner, 2002). Additional topics to be addressed include the “American dream,” human rights, racial and ethnic identity, nationalism and transnationalism, and the multiple meanings of the borderlands.

Please note that A/P Melissa Fitch will be available for discussion on 19 and 20 March (Monday & Tuesday respectively). All graduate students and faculty members are welcome.

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