Research Talk by Mr. Renick Bell

“Handling improvisational issues in live coding with conductive”

Date & Time: Friday, 7 October 2011, 4:00pm

Venue: CNM Playroom, AS6, #03-38


Live coding is a growing area of computer music research in which a program producing music is written live as a performance. As a form of improvisation, live coding shares some of the difficulties faced by improvisers and other computer musicians, as well as some that are unique to performing music through an interactive programming session.

Difficulties common to all improvisational music include things such as the need to make rapid changes with specific timing in real time.

Like other forms of computer music, a large numbers of parameters are accessed through what is sometimes a clumsy and unintuitive interface.

In addition, live coders often face unique challenges such as a potentially fragile environment with limited feedback about running processes. An environment called Conductive was developed to mitigate such challenges. How Conductive achieves this to some degree will be explained and briefly compared to some methods used by other live coding environments. A demonstration of Conductive will also be given.


Mr. Renick Bell currently lives in Tokyo and has lived in Asia since 2001. He was a research student and doctoral student at Tokyo Denki University. He received a masters of science in music technology from Indiana University, and his undergraduate degree is from Texas Tech University. He is originally from Texas.

More information about Mr. Renick Bell can be found at:

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