CNM’s new “knight” — Associate Professor Cho Hichang

As a new department, A/P Cho Hichang’s tenure and promotion follows hard on the heels of A/P Lim Sun Sun’s success a few months back.

After all the fun shared at A/P Lim’s celebration, CNM colleagues decided that A/P Cho be knighted this time, with a tunic, belt and gauntlets that travelled here from the US. The dubbing ceremony was presided over by Dr. Millie Rivera, who conferred a crown that read “Tenured Prof” and a ruler in place of his chain-mail and sword. After all, a researcher and teacher of the highest order cannot do without some tools of the trade.

A/P Cho was given an onerous task—at short notice—of briefing colleagues at a staff meeting, and so was kept plugged away at his presentation while colleagues surreptitiously organised the celebration. Imagine his surprise when we swooped in with chocolate cake (his favourite), costume and put him through an oath!

A/P Cho with CNM colleagues

A/P Cho with CNM colleagues

Congratulations A/P Cho, our shining knight!

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