Research talk by Dr. Brian Yecies

“Detective Methods for Researching Film and New Media Culture in Korea, 1893-1948”

Date and time:

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

15:30pm – 16:30pm


CNM Playroom, AS6/03-38


The recently published Routledge book Korea’s Occupied Cinemas, 1893-1948, of which Ae-Gyung Shim and I are co-authors, contemplates a wider view on the topic than previously known. It embraces a different set of research questions and offers a global (or perhaps glocal) perspective on the transformation of local and foreign film and ‘new’ media culture in Korea and its impact on Korean society. The analysis of new primary sources from archives and libraries in North America, Asia (Korea and Japan), Australia and the UK, have enabled us to push the boundaries of perceived wisdom in our field. In particular, the recent growth of communication technologies and digital databases combined with rigorous detective work – that is, the search for scarce information and evidence – have been key to this project. This research talk will illuminate my research journey and hopefully shed light on this remarkable and understudied topic.

About the speaker:

Dr. Brian Yecies

Senior Lecturer, Media and Cultural Studies

Faculty of Arts, University of Wollongong

Wollongong, NSW 2522 Australia


Staff website:

Dr. Brian Yecies has an undergraduate degree in marketing from the Pennsylvania State University. During the 1990s, while working in the film and video industry in the US, he completed a Masters degree in journalism at the Ohio State University and a second Masters in media arts at the University of Arizona. Dr. Yecies received his PhD in cinema and media studies from La Trobe University in Australia in 2001, and then spent a year as a visiting English professor at Kyungpook National University in South Korea.

Dr. Yecies is currently a Senior Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies at the University of Wollongong in Australia. He has published refereed academic articles and book chapters in the Journal of Korean Studies, Asian Cinema, Yonsei Institute of Media Arts New Korean Cinema Series, Scope: An Online Journal of Film Studies, Screening the Past: An Online Journal of Media and History, First Monday: Peer-Reviewed Journal on the Internet, Korea Observer, Japan Focus, International Review of Korean Studies, and Acta Koreana. His research focuses on film and cultural policy in colonial and post-colonial Korea, the digital wave in Korea, and Hollywood’s expansion in Austral-Asia. Dr. Yecies has consulted for the Korean Film Archive, the Bussan International Film Commission and Industry Showcase (BIFCOM), the Jeonju Film Commission (JJFF), the Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF), as well as the NSW Film Illawarra film commission, and the Sydney Asia Pacific Film Festival. He is a recipient of prestigious research grants from the Korea Foundation, the Asia Research Fund, the Academy of Korean Studies, and the Australia-Korea Foundation. His book Korea’s Occupied Cinemas, 1893-1948 (with Ae-Gyung Shim) was published in 2011.

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