CNM students impress IE Singapore with PR plan on China

by Choo Rui Qi and Bryan Fang

Like the other PR writing students, CNM majors Bryan Fang, Terence Han and Tan Chun En, together with Psychology major Choo Rui Qi, had tracked the issues concerning the ‘organisation’ of their choice, and developed a plan for addressing the issues all semester.  On 19 May, the four NM3219 students took their term project a step further and presented it to the corporate communications team at International Enterprise (IE) Singapore.

The 20-minute long presentation covered issues that the local business community may face when it came to investing in China.  These issues included corruption, intellectual property rights (IPR) and unfair trade practices such as the Yuan devaluation and protectionism.
Tracking and viewing from IE Singapore’s perspective, the group formulated numerous strategies and tactics which focus on equipping our local businessmen with the soft skills needed to operate businesses in China. Such skills include intercultural competence and IPR knowledge. Together with the goals and objectives, these strategies and tactics were part of the group’s proposed PR plan.

The IE Singapore hosts were impressed by the presentation. Ms Cheng Kiat Loon, Divisional Director for Corporation Communications, commended on the group’s “clear delivery of the presentation” and said that it was a “job well done overall”. She also mentioned that some of the ideas were already being implemented by IE Singapore and that these ideas were definitely feasible and implementable. Ms Cheng also offered feedback for improvement.

Overall, it was an enriching experience for the group and the students hope it is mutual for their IE Singapore hosts. Bryan said, “The interaction with the IE Singapore team has allowed me to gain a better understanding of the intense competition and real challenges that Singaporean businesses face when venturing into the vast Chinese market. It has taught me the importance of triangulating my data sources to be more in sync with the conditions on the ground.” Rui Qi added, “Ms Cheng’s idea of meeting up with businessmen was a really good one. We suggested that these Singaporean businessmen go over to China to experience first-hand how things are done there, yet we did not think of getting directly to our sources ourselves; speak with these very same businessmen to appreciate their concerns first-hand.”

The group hopes that more CNM students will have similar opportunities to present their ideas to external organisations, as it was truly an enriching experience for them.

NM3219 students visit IE Singapore

NM3219 students visit IE Singapore

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