Turnitin Service Alert – Tue 10 Apr, 0115 hrs to 0326 hrs

Users may have experienced issues accessing Turnitin (including IVLE integration) on Tuesday 10 April from 0115 hrs to 0130 hrs SGT.

Subsequently, users may have experienced issues using GradeMark, which was caused by a system degradation on Tuesday 10 April from 0133 hrs to 0326 hrs SGT.

The issues has been resolved by Turnitin.

If you are still experiencing issues, please clear your browsers cookies and cache, restart the browser and try again.

For Turnitin system updates, follow @turnitinstatus on Twitter or sign up for Turnitin Status email alerts. You may also want to visit Turnitin System Status for updates.

CIT services maintenance from Monday 2 Apr, 2300 hrs to Tuesday 3 Apr, 0500 hrs

CIT services maintenance from Monday 2 Apr, 2300 hrs to Tuesday 3 Apr 0500 hrs

The following services will have intermittent disruption from Monday 2 Apr, 2300 hrs to Tuesday 3 Apr, 0500 hrs (6 hours) due to mantainence.

  1.  http://breeze.nus.edu.sg
  2.  http://cithelp.nus.edu.sg
  3.  http://citmaple.nus.edu.sg
  4.  http://courseware.nus.edu.sg
  5.  http://emodule.nus.edu.sg
  6.  http://ivle.nus.edu.sg
  7.  http://lams.nus.edu.sg
  8.  http://mediaweb.nus.edu.sg
  9.  http://teamup.nus.edu.sg
  10.  http://teamupstu.nus.edu.sg
  11.  http://vidcast.nus.edu.sg
  12.  http://weblecture.nus.edu.sg
  13.  http://wiki.nus.edu.sg

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.