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This semester, Chinese New Year will result in two days of lost lectures. This need not be the case. Using tools made familiar to you during previous eLearning Weeks, you can record lectures which your students can view at their leisure.

Pre-record a webcast
The simplest option is to pre-record your webcast. You can use the webcast request form to arrange to have your lecture recorded before the holiday and have it made available for viewing during and after the holiday.

Use Breeze
If you want to do-it-yourself, you can use Breeze (creation on Windows and PowerPoint only, viewing on Win/Mac/ Linux with the Flash Player plugin installed) to create standalone online presentations with audio narration, simple quizzes and interactivity. This will be available online to your students as a Flash-based presentation.

Use screen recording
Not using Windows or PowerPoint? Need to display a website or to demonstrate software? You can use screen recording software instead. Think of it as a virtual camera pointed at your computer screen. CIT provides Camtasia Relay and Ink2Go! for screen recording purposes. Both allow you to record your screen while you narrate. Camtasia Relay creates an online video while Ink2Go! creates a video file which should be uploaded to the Multimedia Bank in IVLE.

More information? Contact:

NUS Galleria? NUScast? NUS YouTube? All of them deal with streaming video, so why are there three different services? This guide features each service and highlights the most appropriate uses for each of them.

NUS Galleria | galleria.nus.edu.sg

What is it?
NUS Galleria is a digital media repository which allows individual departments to permanently store and tag digital media assets such as corporate and informational videos and photographs. The aim of NUS Galleria is to keep a permanent record of digital media assets for NUS.

When to use it?
NUS departments should use NUS Galleria when they have good quality digital media assets that they will feel will be of value to NUS in the future.

NUScast | nuscast.nus.edu.sg

What is it?
NUScast is NUS’ webcast channel that streams live and recorded events, public and private seminars and webcast/podcast lectures.

When to use it?
If you have an event or seminar recorded and would like to stream it to NUS staff or students, then consider using NUScast service. All webcast lectures also come under NUScast.

NUS YouTube | www.youtube.com/nuscast

What is it?
NUS now has an official channel at the popular video sharing site YouTube. NUS YouTube is used to promote important events and seminars at NUS to all users and potential students.

When to use it?
If you want to generate more visibility to your organisation world-wide and have a constant stream of good quality events and seminars then you can consider using NUS YouTube.

To create your presence at NUS YouTube, you will need to seek CIT’s help.

Please note the comments function in NUS YouTube is switched on, so there may be comments on the videos.

All three media repositories work together to achieve specific objectives while at the same time providing flexibility to NUS stakeholders.

For a summary of these services, please download the video streaming services table.