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Johan Vimolchalao, Binumi Head of Education, will be holding a demo session to introduce and present Binumi's new features.

Binumi allows users to create video projects in a matter of minutes with a library of over 3 million multimedia clips.

Group collaboration is a powerful feature in Binumi. All video projects can be shared instantly with no need for downloading/uploading managing media assets.

Workshop details
Wednesday 31 August 2016
10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Computer Centre, Level 3, CIT Seminar Room.

NUS students creating school project videos now have access to royalty-free video and audio clips through Binumi.

Binumi provides clips, some with voice-overs and text, which can add to your work, illustrating a concept or showing a place which you may not have the time or budget to film yourself.

To try this service, sign up for a 1-month trial at binumi.com.

For access to the full Binumi library and the ability to download finished videos, please contact Ms Maria GOH.