CIT has repeated its achievement of two major awards at this year's NUS Quality Service Day. Yong Chee Ann received the NUS Quality Service Award, recognising his efforts in providing quality customer service.

Besides individual achievements, the Centre for Instructional Technology was also lauded as a whole. The department obtained the Recognition for Service Excellence in the NUS Service Class for its overall efforts and achievements in service quality.

Additionally, the Remote Webcast Team was publically presented with the NIQC Gold Award for the Remote Webcast IQ project. This award was conferred last year during the NUS National Innovation and Quality Circles Convention.

in Systems Integration Asia, December 2008/January 2009

The NUS Global Classroom is a flexible learning space which is used primarily by the Singapore-MIT Alliance (SMA), an engineering and life science educational and research collaboration between NUS, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). SMA programmes are conducted through distance learning, facilitated by video conferencing between Singapore and the United States of America.

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Gold Award
NUS In-house National IQC Convention.
Remote Webcast Recording IQ Project won a Gold Award in recognition of their innovative efforts.

The Public Administration Medal (Bronze)
National Day Awards 2008
CIT Director Ravi CHANDRAN was conferred The Public Administration Medal (Bronze) for outstanding efficiency, competence and industry.

NUS Quality Service Award
NUS Quality Service Day 2007/08
Yasmin bte MUSTHAFA received the NUS Quality Service Award in recognition of her consistenly high level of customer service.

Merit Award
NUS Quality Service Day 2007/08
The Webcast IQ Team received a IQ Team Merit Award for their Remote Webcast Recording project.

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