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If a picture paints a thousand words, how many does a moving picture paint?

While we cannot give an absolute figure, a well-crafted video probably paints much more. It is with this in mind that CIT launched the ConceptCast project.

As the name alludes, ConceptCasts are videos - screencasts, multimedia presentations or similar items - which are aimed at addressing specific concepts. These are short, easy to understand videos lasting not more than five minutes.
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The ConceptCast project is a new initiative that is targeted at faculty staff. CIT hopes to work with faculty staff to help you to create short informational videos - between three to five minutes long - which help to explain, clarify and illustrate basic concepts in a subject area. With these videos, we hope that students will grasp concepts faster and ask higher level questions in class. For more information on ConceptCast, please contact Mr NARAYANAN Shyam.

The NUS Business School will be conducting eLearning Week from 8 to 13 March 2010 (Week 8). During this week, lectures, tutorials and seminars of undergraduate modules at the NUS Business School will be conducted online.

Faculty staff from other schools and faculties are not involved in this semester's eLearning Week. However, students taking cross-faculty modules in the BBA programme will be involved.

in ZDNet Asia, 5 February 2010
by Liau Yun Qing

Twitter has also found its way into education through other uses. At the National University of Singapore, Ravi Chandran, director of the Centre for Instructional Technologies, said his department uses a Twitter account to provide system updates to the university community.

He added that many departments in the university use Twitter as an informal broadcast medium for announcements, while some use the microblogging service to engage students....

Apart from wikis, blogs are used in teaching. NUS' Chandran noted that blogs were one of the earliest social media tools used in NUS and were implemented as early as 2003. The school launched the NUS Module Blogs in mid-2006 and Blog.nus in 2008 to help the faculty and students set up their own blogs for learning.

Chandran added that the university has its own YouTube channel where public lectures and other videos are shared with a worldwide audience. In addition, videos on the services provided by NUS Libraries and NUS Career Centre are also hosted on the video-sharing Web site.

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