in NUSSU - The Ridge Online, 21 July 2010

by Meera Nair

eLearning: A concept all too familiar to students. With our lectures webcast, tutorials submitted online and discussions taking place on forums or chatrooms, there is no need for us to move an inch from our comfortable perches at home.

It is extremely convenient for us, but have you ever wondered what went on in the background? How do your lecturers cope with the demands of an eLearning week?

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Imagine watching a film in high definition. The image is stunning, the movement is smooth and the audio is sonorous.

Instead of watching a film, now picture yourself at a video conference session with the same attributes. That is the essence of TelePresence - it is an immersive, life-like video conference experience.

Computer Centre and the Centre for Instructional Technology have collaborated to launch a Cisco TelePresence facility in NUS, the first of its kind in South East Asia. Located at University Hall 05-04 Conference Room, the TelePresence suite is one of only three universities outside the United States connected to the National LambdaRail (NLR), an ultra high-speed education and research network based there.
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