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CIT has acquired a campus-wide license to use Poll Everywhere for classroom collaboration and communication to support both formal and in-formal learning.

With Poll Everywhere, instructors can create a higher level of engagement and class participation. Student using their wireless devices can ask and answer questions, participate in polls and vote on questions raised by the instructors. All leading to higher class participation and better feedback.

For a quick overview of Poll Everywhere, please watch this video.

CIT’s upcoming Poll Everywhere session will be held on:

  • Wed 27 Feb 2019 | 10.00am | CIT Auditorium

To join our introductory session, please register here.



CIT senior director Ravi Chandran was a guest speaker at the International Symposium on Education Reform: Schools as Creative Physical Work Environment for Teachers with case studies of Singapore and Japan. This symposium was held on the 30th January 2019 organised by the National Institute for Educational Policy Research (NIER), Japan. CIT’s senior director’s topic was on Learning Spaces and Design at the National University of Singapore.

Breeze uses FLASH to create and support the interactive contents. Adobe has informed us that by December 2020 they will discontinue the use and support of FLASH.

In view of this notice from Adobe, CIT will be retiring its Breeze service on 30th June 2019 to give you ample time to plan for the migration of your Breeze content to an alternative format. We seek your support to convert all your Breeze content to .mp4 format as this will still allow you to reuse the content. After 30th June 2019, you will not have access to the Breeze server.

To assist with the conversion and migration, please fill up the following form ( ) and CIT will assist you with the conversion of your Breeze contents into .mp4 format.

NetDragon, in collaboration with Centre for Instructional Technology, organised a training and demo session on 14th Nov 2018 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at CIT Seminar Room (NUS Information Technology Building, Level 3) for two of their products: 101 EDU PPT and 101 VR.  Staff representatives from Central Library, CDTL, NUS IT, SCALE and CIT attended the session to gain insight on what these products are and how they could be used to enhance content for teaching and learning.

101 EDU PPT (Edmodo ClassFlow) is a software package that builds on the familiar PowerPoint interface by adding in the capability to import and display interactive 3D models from a pre-set asset library. Presenters will have an array of tools at their disposal in 101 EDU PPT to help create and deliver engaging content.

101 VR (VR Mysticraft) is a 3D game engine software that allows the creation of any VR content which is supported by a huge resource library of 3D contents from galaxies, oceans, micro-organisms to even historical stories. Content creators have full control over editing and adjusting the cameras, characters, animations and surroundings in real-time in a full 3D creation environment.

Both 101 EDU PPT and 101 VR are available for free for educational use. For more information and to download the respective software, please visit the following links below:
101 EDU PPT:
101 VR:


“To imagine, to try out and to be inspired when you teach.” – Assoc Prof Erle Lim

NUS TEL Imaginarium is a space devoted to motivating and cultivating the imagination, stimulating ideas to refresh and improve teaching methods. It showcases technology enhanced devices to facilitate and encourage deeper learning for teachers and students while having fun at the same time.

Have a look at these videos on the Introduction to Imaginarium and the Launch of Imaginarium. A Centre for Instructional Technology production in collaboration with Central Library.