Adopt changes to accommodate learning, development needs

in the Borneo Bulletin, 16 December 2009
by Afelda Ghani

Speaking to the Bulletin, Ravi Chandran, Director of Centre for Instructional Technology, National University of Singapore addressed the challenges faced by e-learning which include the selection of instructional topics.

"While some topics are supported by e-learning, such as those characterised by facts and figures, other subjects such as personal skills and emotional intelligence are better off dealt face-to-face. Basically, all we need for e-learning to be successful is a prepared infrastucture, stable campus network and strong Internet because e-learning is supposed to be interactive. Just go out there and do it and see what works and what doesn't and make changes along the way. Dont' wait for perfection until you start implementing something because by the time that happens, it probably wont work and it will just be too late" says Ravi.

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