Audio discussion forums with Wimba Voice Board

You might have heard about the Wimba Podcaster in IVLE. Now, you can create threaded voice discussions in IVLE communities using Wimba Voice Board, which works on similar technology.

A threaded voice discussion is very similar to a regular discussion forum. A person starts a discussion thread and anyone can reply to that particular thread or start a totally different thread. The difference with Wimba Voice Board is that you record your voice instead of discussing with text. This audio-based discussion forum has great potential in language learning communities.

Before you start recording, you will need:
a) A Java-enabled browser. (download Java from
b) A microphone connected to your computer. (You might need to un-mute the microphone and point to the correct device in your computer’s sound settings – Control Panel for PC, System Preferences for Mac.)

Let’s get started.

Create the Voice Board

1. Log in to IVLE.

2. Click IVLE Communities, under Communities on the horizontal menu bar.

3. Click Edit. (Create a New Community, if you haven’t done so.)

4. Click Edit.

5. Check Create Voice Board. Click Apply.

Create an audio discussion

6. Visit your community. (Click Communities on the sidebar, then the respective Community Title.)

7. Click Voice Board. A Java applet will load. If you are prompted to give permission, grant the applet permission. (This will take a while to load, especially on an older browser.)

8. Click New. You will see a pop-up window.

9. Title the thread. Click the red Record button and start recording your message. Voice clips can be up to 3 minutes long. Press the black Stop button to finish the recording. You can play it back to review it. You can also add text in the field below if you want. If you are happy with your recording, click Post.

10. Your voice clip will be posted the board. Other members of the community can now listen and reply to your post.

You can also export the files you have recorded on Wimba Voice Board in different formats to transfer these discussions onto your favourite digital media player.

Enjoy using the Wimba Voice Board!

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