Group Photo

Group Photo

Devina Wongso: Actress, set-up blog, blog writer

This project has helped me a lot in memorizing and utilizing new characters from the lectures. It also helped me in to improve my pronunciation and tones while speaking Chinese during the process of making the video. Furthermore, I was also exposed to the interesting place in China, in this case Chongqing.

Ivan Reinaldo: Actor, blog writer

Performing in the video using Chinese language is an interesting experience, as we can get the feeling of speaking Chinese as the character. The acting itself is quite challenging since it may need several attempts to get things done correctly, but it is also good to increase my self-confidence and pronunciation skill.

Fenny Francisca: Actress, script writer, blog writer

It has been a fun process from preparing the script to making the video. Although it is difficult to find a convenient time for all of us, we all enjoyed the video making process. It is also a challenge to actually prepare a script with such limited vocabulary. However, with the help of Google translator, we are able to find the suitable words and prepare a satisfying script.

Filbert Tanuwijaya: Actor, video editor, cameraman

People always say “practice makes perfect” and hence, by practicing through simulated real life situation i was able to know how good i am in speaking chinese (which apparently was not so good). This is a great experience and an effective way to learn chinese i would say.

Ricky Gozali: Actor, script writer, blog writer

In general, this LAC2201 project is very challenging since it requires students to be able to perform newscasting, interview, and news-reporting in Chinese. However, we as a team have been very enthusiastic and determined in ensuring that we will perform our best during presentation. Furthermore, we also worked hard to ensure that our useful yet very interesting materials and information can be delivered in such a way that hopefully it can generate enthusiasm as well as further interest from the audiences. Nevertheless, despite our limited vocabulary and ‘amateur’ capabilities in Chinese, we are confident that we are able to give our best in the presentation for the benefit of the audiences in learning about Chinese authentic yet unique culture.