• Chong Qing Bian Lian

When one is talking about Chong Qing’s culture, one will definitely mentions the Chong Qing “face-changing” art, where performers wear bright colorful mask and change them within a fraction of seconds. While this performance is very popular in Chong Qing, it is not widely known to the rest of the world because foreigners are forbidden to learn the art and so, rarely performed to prevent leaking the secrets of the art. Women are also forbidden to learn the art since the masters of these arts think that women will eventually leave the family and follow his husband.


  • Chong Qing Acrobatic Art Troupe

Another notable performance from Chong Qing is the Chong Qing Acrobatic Art Troupe. Chong Qing Acrobatic Art Troupe is very famous for their performances all around the world. One of such performance is the Mulan Acrobatic show. This show tells the story of a girl named Mulan, who goes to war to replace his father. Since woman cannot become part of the army in the past, Mulan have to disguise herself as a man.


  • Hot Pot

When tourists visit these main attractions, of course they will love to taste the local cuisine to fill their stomach. One of Chong Qing’s local specialty is the hotpot, a famous dish from the Sichuan province. However, Chong Qing hotpot is more unique with its heavy flavors, diverse ingredients, and steaming aromas. Chong Qing hotpot is a must try for every tourist.