b) Why is writing in English important to you? What are some examples of English language writing that you will do in your University education? How will writing in English be important in your future career?


The usage of the English language has spread extensively around the world and has an increasing dominance as the Lingua Franca today. I would no doubt be at a disadvantage in this global social circle in communicating my opinions and emotions, should I not be equipped with correct tools to craft effectively on text. It is not uncommon for me to be struggling over vocabulary and sentence structures with great difficulty as I convert my thought processes onto paper. Being able to write well would enable me to convey messages across to an international audience with as much accuracy as possible. It would undeniably save me time from hesitating between word choices, bringing me greater confidence in my writing – especially in a subject I am most passionate in sharing about.

English language writing is prevalent during the course of study as a Real Estate undergraduate. There are a plethora of individual and group projects as well as examinations to be undertaken, out of which lengthy reports and condensed essays with adequate English standards are to be churned out. Out of the classroom, I would need to hone skills in producing convincing campaign speeches should I decide to run for a student committee election. Looking further ahead in my education, writing effective testimonials and resumes when applying for internships and scholarships are also extremely important.

After watching the videos shared during Monday’s sectional teaching, it dawned on me how crucial it is to be able to convey one’s thoughts and opinions in an effective and appropriate manner, relative to one’s occupation. We were asked to express honest judgements made about the speakers and this was when I came to realise how significant communication skills are in affecting first impressions formed. As a Real Estate graduate, I would be expected to be competent and capable in communicating confidently with colleagues and clients, both verbally and on paper. Some of them may not be as patient as to give second chances in the event of a miscommunication while undergoing a major project. Interviewers today do not only consider how well we fair academically, but also the way we carry ourselves. Therefore I strongly feel that it is up to my responsibility to constantly practise and exercise a good command of spoken and written English in order to maintain my level of professionalism.