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What makes a good research talk? An important part of being a researcher is to tell others about your work. There are different settings in which this can occur. One of the most important ones is that of giving a research talk. In this ppt you can find some hopefully useful tips on how to best go about this.

Is graduate school for you? The following ppt outlines some information on how to get into graduate school, what person characteristics are needed to succeed in graduate school and what are possible subsequent employers. It also includes a few slides on the NUS Psychology graduate programme.

What makes a successful graduate student? Getting into graduate school is challenging, finding a good job after you’ve graduated may be even more challenging. In thisĀ  ppt you can find some tips on what you should aim to accomplish while being in graduate school as to maximize your chances of obtaining a post-doc or academic position later on.

How are authorship decisions made? Most research projects depend on more than one person – but not every person contributes equally to the research. So how does one decide who should be listed as an author on the paper and in what role? There is no perfect answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors. In our lab, these decisions are generally made by the principle investigators in discussion with student and staff involved in the research. A guideline for this can be found here.

How to write a good research paper? This ppt provides an overview of the Do’s and Dont’s of writing a manuscript for submission to an academic journal. It should also be useful for the preparation of term papers and theses.

Getting comments from your supervisor on a manuscript. Writing a manuscript is a multistage process that can be daunting at times. During your time as an undergraduate or graduate student, your supervisor will help you with this and provide comments and instructions on your writing. This document explains the role of your supervisor in this process and how you can facilitate your joint efforts on the manuscript.

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