Past Masters Students

Huang Yun Ying completed her Masters Thesis under the supervision of Dr. Trevor Penney in 2012. She moved on to do a PhD at Oxford University.

Darshini Nithianantham completed her psychology Masters (Clinical) degree through the NUS-University of Melbourne joint degree program. Dr. Annett Schirmer supervised her thesis, which focused on touch perception and its links to positive emotions. She is currently working at the Institute for Mental Health as a clinical psychologist.

Ranjith Vijayakumar completed his Masters degree in 2010 on the effect of emotional sounds on verbal memory under Dr. Annett Schirmer. He moved on to do a PhD in quantitative psychology at NUS.

Lee Min Aletheia completed her Masters thesis under Dr Trevor Penney. She moved on to pursue a PhD in Neuroscience at Oxford University.

Pearlene Lim completed her Masters thesis in 2010 under Dr Annett Schirmer studying the influence of emotions on verbal memory. She moved on to a research position at the Singapore General Hospital and afterwards enrolled in the NUS/Melbourne clinical Masters program.

Yong Hao
Soh Yong Hao completed his Masters thesis in 2010 on the role of sound context for the comprehension of sounds. He was supervised by Dr Annett Schirmer. He moved on to work with special needs children.

Claris Zhao completed her Masters thesis in 2014 under the supervision of Dr. Annett Schirmer. After graduation, she moved on to contribute to personnel selection and leadership development work in the Public Service.

April Ching
April Ching completed her Masters in 2012 with Dr. Annett Schirmer. She explored the effect of blinking on auditory perception. After leaving the lab, April assisted with research in Dr. Alice Chan’s lab at NTU Linguistics and later started a PhD at the MARCS Institute of the University of Western Sydney.

Christy Reece Christy Reese completed her Masters Thesis in 2013. Under the supervision of Dr. Annett Schirmer, she studied the relationship between maternal touch and childrens’ socio-emotional development. She is now¬†a Research Officer with the University of Adelaide in collaboration with the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, helping to evaluate pragmatic randomised control trials of interventions designed to support new mothers and their infants.

Adrian Chia completed his Masters Thesis under the supervision of Dr. Trevor Penney in 2015. Upon completion, he returned to the MINDEF’s Defense Psychology Department as a Naval Field Psychologist.