Lab Events

Lab Seminars in AY2015/16

The lab meeting venues change based on availability. This term, we meet at 16:00 on Tuesdays. Everyone is welcome!



18/Aug 16:00 CeLS #02-08  Presenter: Yenju

25/Aug 16:00 MD7 #02-09  Presenter: Tabitha

01/Sep 16:00 CeLS #02-08 Presenter: Xiaoqin

06/Oct 16:00 CeLS #02-08 Presenter: Xinyi

13/Oct 16:00 CeLS #02-08 Presenter: Yating

20/Oct 16:00 CeLS #02-08 Presenter: Zhenna

27/Oct 16:00 CeLS #02-08 Presenter: Maria

03/Nov 16:00 CeLS #02-08 Presenter: Antarika

View photos from previous lab meetings and events here:

Lab Photos