Employee motivation

Ideas for employee motivation.

I write this blog entry as follow up to our Tuesday session on the 3rd of February because we were talking about the motivation of employees. This struck me personally as I was confronted with the question why I’m sitting in the classroom every lecture. Well, as I’m an exchange student, my main goal is full attendance, but the question of motivating people into better organisational behaviour got me thinking a little bit more. Picking up Audrey’s thought about the change in NUS’s shuttle busses by removing the seats in buses sounds like a good idea. What should be remembered though is to leave a seated area for people who can’t stand for a long time. What I also observed in the city are long lines of buses at a bus stop which wait for the first spot in line to release passengers and let new ones in, especially in areas with high amounts of offices. Why can’t the unload line be extended over the pickup and release area? By extending the unload line only, there are two benefits: The exiting passengers are able to leave the bus earlier and the usual waiting until everybody is out.  While keeping the entrance point at the same spot, the passengers entering the bus do not need to run around the bus stop and search for the bus, they just wait as usual. This motivates the bus drivers as the waiting in line in shortened and they are ready to go again faster. Furthermore, the company organising the transport will benefit greatly by implementing this procedure as it results in an increased customer satisfaction due to reduced waiting times and faster service. This may also have a positive effect on the drivers if they identify positively with their job: Greater job satisfaction though helping more people move around the city might increase the work morale of the people and strengthen the feeling of significance. This comes at virtually no additional cost for them or the company, it is just a small adjustment in the bus stop design. The space is occupied nevertheless because of the waiting buses, so I do not see any reasoning against this suggestion. Personally I perceive waiting times as the most annoying small detail in daily life. I see this every morning when I wait for the shuttle bus to get to the BIZ faculty building. The times might be displayed by the small screen at each station but first of all they are never accurate and second it would be much easier to have a precise schedule. In Germany, our buses are prescheduled for the whole day, e.g. 13:15, 13:30, 13:45 and so on. That way it is easier to estimate when to leave the house and minimize waiting time for the bus. This is an improvement which would motivate students, at least me and some of my friends, to come to school with a bit better attitude.

All in all I see a big potential in the schools and public transport. A precise schedule would benefit all parties, giving the drivers an estimate about their brakes and the passengers a time when to be at the bus stop without waiting for 20 minutes.

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