Attract Talents with Crazy Perks!

While waiting at an airport, I caught up with my pile of emails and came across a very interesting article titled “15 Crazy Company Culture Perks That Paid Off”[1] written by Ilya Pozin, a columnist for Inc, Forbes and LinkedIn. I knew already that companies are coming out with more and more creative ways to attract talents and make them more productive in the workplace, but some of the perks in that article simply were just beyond my imagination. As I did with my previous blog post, I’ll analyse each of these perks and give my personal opinion on it.


1. Video Game Day is a remote company that gathers its 50 employees together at the office for one day so that they can play online (it didn’t specify at which frequency though). The company claims that this improved inter-division communication. I can see how making employees meet their colleagues from time to time can be good, however, I have my doubt on the online game factor. On one hand, it’s understandable that gaming can motivate people to get out of their place but is it the best way to build real concrete relationships? I mean, one can just play online from home! Why didn’t they go for a sports day or an excursion day where people can really get in touch with their counterparts?


2. International Trips

I think the keyword here is memories. If you give employees money, they’ll just spend it. However, if you bring them to a travel, then they will have a lifetime memories of it, and memories stay. I think this is a wonderful way to motivate employees to work harder and be grateful to their employer.


3. A Company Kegerator

Having a kegerator is definitively more glamorous than a few bottles of beers! It is a great way to make employees socialize and connect with each other, but I might disagree that alcohol can help “late-night brainstorming”.


4. Company-Wrapped Vehicle

Everybody loves free perks! Making your employees happy and having “free” promotion for your company, I’ll have to keep that in mind if I start my own enterprise one day.


5. Flexible Hours

Allowing your employees to create their own hours? I don’t see why this point is in here. I mean, it’s definitively not as crazy as the next one!


6. Unlimited Vacation Days

Now, THIS is crazy! Giving your employees all the flexibility they want also means a lot of mutual trust and treating them like real adults. Obviously it’s not for every employee but those who are involved will certainly feel special!


7. Sport Celebrations

Closing the office for one day and go watch sports together is a good way to socialize. The only condition I see here is that everybody has to be a fan of that sport.


8. Volunteer Days

Like perk #5, this is a pretty common practice nowadays.


9. Opportunities to Do Meaningful Work

This point is about giving the junior employees the opportunity to work with clients they admire, thus making their work meaningful. Not everyone has the chance to work with clients they want to work with. When this happens, I bet they feel very empowered and will gladly be even more productive.


10. A Company Cruise

Same thing with #2 but this company, Rain, is also including the employees’ spouse in the cruise. As I said, the memories will stay forever with the employees and this will just make them prouder about the company they work for.


11. Gym Memberships

I think this one is also quite common in the corporate world right now. Making the employees fit are also rendering them healthier and more productive with less absenteeism too. It’s actually a very cheap investment for companies to decrease unnecessary costs.[2]


12. Positive Reinforcement

MeUndies’ CEO made a quick math and found that it was more profitable to pay smokers 50$ a week for not smoking than letting them taking a break from time to time to smoke. It’s also a reason why a lot of firms are putting free coffee machines in their offices to discourage employees from getting outside to buy their coffee. It’s just that the upsides are way higher than the downsides! In the case of Me Undies, it also has additional healthy benefits. Win-win all the way!


13. A Bonus Plan

Instead of going for individual targets, employees receive bonuses if the company hits its target. If the targets are carefully chosen, this practice will encourage collaboration company-wide.


14. Fun Classes

Learning is a never-ending process. Encouraging your employees to learn will not only make them more efficient and productive at work, but also more creative.


15. Professional therapy

I’ve heard of companies that have on-site massage therapists but I’ve never heard of on-site motivational therapists. Unfortunately, Uassist ME doesn’t give us details on the results of this practice.



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