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About the ARI Asian Urbanisms Cluster

The Asian Urbanisms Cluster (AUC) is one of 7 research clusters at the Asia Research Institute (ARI), National University of Singapore (NUS). The cluster explores Asia’s diverse urban experiences historically, contemporaneously, and toward the future. It seeks to contribute to theory and applied research on the reflexivity of society-space relationships in the built environment and city life from local to global scales, in diverse contexts in Asia, and through comparative studies with other world regions. The orientation of the cluster is towards research that speaks in transformative ways to urban-related theories, debates and public policy issues in and beyond Asia.

The Cluster is made up of four key research streams:

(a) Urban heritage and the Vernacular City: Cities by and for People

(b) Spaces of Hope: This stream examines the rise of civil society, discontents, insurgencies and cyber-activism, including mobilizations for alternative production and use of urban space.

(c) Disaster Governance: This looks at intersecting topics including Asia’s Urban Transition, Compound Disasters and Governance. Read the Disaster Governance blog here.

(4) Progressive Cities. This is a new stream that considers conviviality, inclusion and distributive justice in everyday life. We consider these issues and planetary environmental flourishing to be central to human life.

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