Hi 😊 To my dear reader, as this semester is coming to an end, this shall be the last post of my blog. Just as I have mentioned in my ‘Are we aware?’ post, this post shall not be about light pollution, instead, it would be about my thoughts on doing this blog for my

Are We Aware?

Hey, are you back for more? 😊 This shall be my last post about light pollution, but it is not the last post of my blog. 😊 In this post, I shall be examining how aware are people regarding light pollution. When I was researching about light pollution, I get the sense that people are

Managing Light Shows

ello! In my previous post, we understand that light shows are increasingly popular and that they can contribute to light pollution significantly; light shows often have high intensity lights that are directed into our environment. However, there are no prominent regulations that aim to reduce light pollution caused by light shows. As of now, majority

Light shows

Hi there! This week’s post will be about how light festivals/shows contribute to light pollution. Let us first take a quick look at all the light shows around the world.       In Paris, the “City of Light”, it lights up its iconic landmark, the Eiffel Tower, from sunset to 1am on most days

The dilemma of using LED

Welcome back, in this post, I will be examining how LED is contributing to light pollution. In a world that is increasingly lit, LED is contributing to an increasing portion in the global lighting market, from around one tenth in 2011 to almost half in 2014 and then to a projected seven tenth in 2020

What About Us

Hi there! Since I have very briefly covered the effects of light pollution on birds and plants in my other posts, I would now like to explain how light pollution affects us, more specifically our mental health. Other than disrupting our sleep cycle by causing our melatonin levels to drop at night, exposure to light

I am not growing well

  If trees could speak, what would they tell us? Hi there, this week’s post will be on how light pollution affects trees. I just thought that it is time we examine the effects of artificial light on our silent companions after looking at birds. In UK, it has been observed that trees such as

Where am I going? What am I doing?

With my previous post explaining the effects of skyglow on our perception of stars and astronomy, this post will be specifically about its effects on birds, creatures which overlook land from the sky. I thought that since light pollution is causing skyglow, it would be useful to evaluate the issue of skyglow from the sky-to-land

I can’t see the stars

Hey there friend, welcome back! If it is night time now, look up at your sky. What do you see? Most of the time, it would be our lonely moon accompanied by passing clouds; the stars that exist in our childhood song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star are missing. As mentioned in my previous post, majority


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